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Shipping Guide

Delivery Standards

The goods and belongings enclosed into a package, file, parcel or box and of which mass weigh doesn’t exceed 100 kg and carried to another destinations within a specified time.

Choose Your Delivery Option

Deliver the cargo to consignee’s residential address. (Home Delivery) Abbreviation: HD
2. Inform the consignee when the cargo is delivered to destination agency. (Cargo at Call) Abbreviation: CC
3. Consignee is delivered the cargo in agency.(Consignee Noticed Cargo) Abbreviation: CNC

Choose Your Payment Option

Sender pays the shipping fee. (Prepaid Invoice) Abbreviation: PI (Peşin ödeme) Kısaltma: PÖ
2. The shipping fee is paid by consignee. (Pay on Delivery Invoice) Abbreviation: PDI

How Fast?
Within the distances 0 up to 600 km, it is delivered in 24 hours. For the distances over 600 km, shipments are delivered quickly by our aircraft fleet to the cities or any residential area or branch is located. For the other centers, please contact to the branch to which you delivered your shipment. You can learn our intercity and intra city same day delivery centers from our call centers.

Same Day Delivery
MNG Kargo, which revolutionizes its sector by improving the intermodal transportation with aircrafts as well as the land fleet, delivers your shipment just in half a day now. The shipments bound to air freight standards are delivered in big cities at the same day. You can get information about same day delivery applicable residential areas and shipment receive times from our call centers.

Prohibited Goods

Prohibited items, which are specified by the laws
b) All shipments (letter etc.) included in the Postal Monopoly within the scope of the Postal Services Law numbered 6475 and relevant regulations
c) Delicate shipments like food, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, oil and raw leather and etc…
d) Materials required to be carried with cold chain
e) All kind of leaking, flammable, explosive, poisonous and stingy liquids and gases.
f) Shipments of which mass weigh is lower than 100 kg and may damage to the other packages
g) Shipments like bare iron pieces, cages, marble etc…of which length is longer than 3,5 meters and which don’t fit into the intra city delivery vehicles.
h) Fragile items of which pack may be unsealed or harm to the other shipments.
k) Alive animals

Aircraft Prohibited Goods

Air freight cargo standards have been determined by International Air Freight Codes. It is also forbidden to carry the prohibited land cargos. In addition to this, it’s forbidden to carry
a) All kinds of flammable, caustic, explosive, poisonous, harmful to touch solid, liquid and gas chemicals and liquid medicines
b) All kinds of liquid materials
c) Devices, items, batteries and magnets including radio-active substances
d) Items of which mass weight is higher than 30 kg and big for X-Ray gates.

Goods with Liability Certificate

The shipments enlisted below can only be received in the cases that sender accepts the risks and voluntarily sign the “Liability Certificate”.
a) Leaded glass and glass stuffs, marble, ceramic items, small sized home appliances, sausages, pastrami, citrus fruit,
b) Fragile goods like, musical instruments, electronic materials unpacked in its special boxes. Prepaid invoice is made out for the goods delivered with a “Liability Certificate” and insurance fee isn’t requested.

Shipment with Special Packages

Provided that the weight is below 100 kg and the item is a single piece; products such as vehicle body, axle shaft, steering column shaft, gutter hook, drain pipe, barbed wire, industrial valve, construction elevator, medical equipment, power supply with its fluid drained, hydraulic gear pump, transmission box and its components.
b) Metal materials under 25 kg, such as screws, chairs, cap nuts and nails can be carried in protected packages, which will be labelled with a barcode and prevented from spillage.
c) Rugs and fabrics, printed documents, film cassettes or metal film spools in tubes can be carried upon being wrapped with protective packaging.
d) In addition to this, the shipments not specified and meeting the conditions above but continuously requested to be transported can be carried with special freight solutions with the consent of Head Office.

Cargo Industry Vocabulary