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TESK Card members win at MNG Kargo!

TESK Card members will now get a 25% discount for the cargo they deliver to MNG
Kargo branches.

Another opportunity is to get a 20% discount if they choose the ‘Cargo collected from
Address’ option from the services offered by MNG Kargo.
In order to benefit from the campaign, it is sufficient for TESK members to submit the
relevant TESK card barcode number to the MNG Kargo Officer.

Campaign Conditions:

• The campaign is valid between 01 January – 31 December 2018.

• Within the campaign, discounts will be applied to the members of TESK Card members through
MNG Kargo branches on the transport price list. The discount rate is 25% for deliveries submitted to
branches and 20% for submission that are collected from the address.

• The TESK members who want to benefit from the campaign must submit the TESK card barcode
number to the relevant MNG Kargo Officer.

• This campaign and discounts earned in this campaign can not be combined with other campaigns.

• Discounts cannot be turned into cash or transferred and no refund shall be made.

• The campaign is valid only for TESK Card members.

• MNG Kargo and Combined Payment Services and Electronic Money campaign conditions.

January 10, 2018