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Technological HUBs

A new innovative step from MNG Kargo: HUB! Technological HUBs…

This unique service is in only MNG Kargo in Turkey.

MNG Kargo, the innovative company of logistic market of Turkey, has increased its investment with another innovative step. Founding 7 technological HUBs in Ankara, Adana, Bursa, İzmir and 3 different areas in İstanbul MNG Kargo has perform all shipping transaction automatically thanks to this gorgeous automatized investment. Thanks to this sectorial innovative investment, Shipments are delivered rapidly on time voiding damages and faults. The company saves at least 2 hours per day in each HUB thanks to this system performing a rapid and proper trade flow.

System separates 65.000 cargo per hour

The advanced technology equipped HUBs have Daily 1 million of cargo transaction volume. By the computer assisted giant separation technology, each HUB can separate 65.000 cargo in a rapid way automatically and load them to the vehicles on their destination lines. In the technological HUBs MNG Kargo performs landing, automatic weighing, barcode reading, data saving as well as automatic transfer of the shipment to the line and branch vehicles and separation and loading facilities.

3 Technological HUBs for Istanbul

As well as the technological HUBs in Ankara on 15.000 m2, in Adana on 12.000 m2, in Bursa on 14.000 m2 and in Izmir on 11.000 m2 MNGKargo has, there are 3 technological HUBs in Istanbul, where cargo transactions mostly take place, located in Ayazaga on 11.000 m2, in Bakırkoy on 18.000 and in Sancaktepe on 9.000 m2.
Aslan Kut: “We start a new era in the sector”

In his speech Aslan Kut, the General Manager of MNG Kargo, has stated that MNG Kargo has taken another innovative step, which will improve the sector, as always by the investment of technological HUBs. Aslan Kut has said “We are glad to increase our leading innovations adding value to our sector and country’s economy with another revolutionary innovation like technological HUBs ” and continued his speech with following speech;

”As MNG Kargo, we have brought the globally standardized service quality to all over Turkey by the innovations we have served to our customers since 2003, the date we founded. We have been performing a high customer service levelled rapid integration which will bring modern dynamics into land freight sector. As we have brought the speed in trade with air freight, started a reliable freight with the LODGE service or changed the branch concept with iPhone, iPad, mobile and online services, handheld terminals and self-barcoding, we will also start a new era by triggering a higher quality, beneficial and easier service era in the sector thanks to our technological HUBs via this integration.”

300 % increase in Cargo processing speed and capacity

According to information stated by Aslan Kut who has stated that the separated cargo number increased up to 10.500 item per hour thanks to the automation system investment while it was 3.500 per hour in each HUB till this investment, the cargo processing speed and capacity has increased 300 % with the investment made on this advanced technology. While it was taking approximately 4-5 hours for morning and evening operations depending on the daily cargo capacity, at least 2 hours will be saved in each HUB via Auto Separation System. Underlying that this investment would increase the sustainable competivity considerably, Aslan Kut has stated “Being the only company having the automation system has supported our ideal of being a regional leader in market and global company”.


Shipments delivered via MNG Kargo will be delivered in break and crush free way to the consignee by the only and first system in Turkey called LODGE. Equipping the long distance vehicles with selves and intra city vehicles with mobile network system MNG Kargo provides a lodge privileged delivery for each cargo carrying freight conditions.


The third of applications launched by MNG Kargo to found easy, quality and profitable system (3k system originated from the Turkish words Kolay, Kaliteli and Karlı meaning easy, quality and profitable respectively) is on service now. Following the 3K strategy improved and innovative new era applications like Technological HUBs and Vehicle Tracking System, the Effective Operation System (EOS) is not just easing the operations but also saves time and papers. Following the launch of the Effective Operation System, we terminate bill serial slip mistakes and confirmation copy so that protect the nature by saving papers.


MNG Kargo, which revolutionizes its sector by improving the intermodal transportation with aircrafts as well as the land fleet, delivers your shipment just in half a day now. The shipments bound to air freight standards are delivered in big cities at the same day. You can get information about same day delivery applicable residential areas and shipment receive times from our call centers.