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Career Opportunities


As MNG Kargo Domestic and International Freight Inc., we have aimed to offer a friendly, reliable and solution based and transparent work environment in which ideas can be shared liberally and company’s goals can be internalized at every level via our socially strong, competitive, efficiency and constant improvement oriented staff, which believe significance of team play, and our clear communication policy we have adopted since our foundation date, 17th of February 2013.

Taking the customer satisfaction account as only condition of success, MNG Kargo Domestic and International Freight Inc. considers that providing customer satisfaction in service sector is also indexed to employee satisfaction. For this reason, MNG Kargo has developed various projects for its vital resources, employees, with the administrative concept which adopted the constant improvement at every level. With this concept, social responsibility projects and activities to provide self-improvement for employees and increase their inner motivation are organized and a promising career planning is offered since the recruitment. So, we aim to recruit new workmates which will empower us to be a leading model and strong brand in the sector.

As MNG Kargo Domestic and International Freight Inc., consider the conditions and priority of the sector we operate and the environment shaped by national and global economy as well as our company’s business plan while determining our goals and strategies for human resources.

Employee Profile

Total Employee Number: 9069
Master: 150
Graduate Degree: 2100
Undergraduate Degree: 1600
High School Degree: 4400
Primary School Degree: 819

Rate of Female / Male Employees
%38 Female, %62 Male

Hiring Process

MNG Kargo Domestic and International Freight Incorporation aims to recruit qualified candidates for appropriate positions by planning its vital resource, the human, efficiently and determining the best candidates fitting ethics, culture and strategies of the company.

The selection of employees will be recruited within MNG Kargo Domestic and International Freight Incorporation performed within coordinated work between relevant department and Human Resource Department.

The candidates who pass the interview and the test are recruited in appropriate positions in MNG Kargo Domestic and International Freight Inc.


We look for the qualifications stated below during conformity assessment process of newly graduate or experienced candidates;

– Communication Skills,
– Inner Motivation,
– Being Customer-Oriented,
– Tendency for Team Play,
– Innovative,
– Problem Solving and Decision Making,
– Effective Communication,
– Planning and Organization,
– Commercial Foresight,
– Vocational Background.

Common Features

Holding at least high school degree for the positions Customer Service Officer, Courier, driver or Moto-courier and graduate degree of relevant departments for the other positions. Male candidates should be exempted of any obligatory service like military service.

– While determining the human resource procedures, we consider our long and short term goals as well as in house needs and administrative strategies. We meet our employee need via;

a) Internal (in-house) Resources
b) External Resources

– While meeting our employee demand through external sources, we use adds published on newspapers and internet as well as the direct application page on our website. To apply directly and send your CV

Click on Free Positions

– For all positions, the interviews Human Resource departments conducted with managers of relevant departments are completed in minimum 3 different stages and maximum 10 days.
These stages;

1. First interview with candidate,
2. Second interview for job details, processes and company’s expectations and personality inventory
3. The last stage, job offer

– We aim to have qualified employees who meet the current human resource demand and holding the qualifications to meet demands in needed future positions. For this reason, while considering the cost of training and the other factors, MNG Kargo also considers increasing satisfaction and loyalty of the employees. So, this results in candidates’ assessment to be conducted through a wider perspective during the interviews.

– The candidates interview with both Human Resources Officer and managers of relevant service departments. All relevant notes about candidates are collected with application and registered and stored digitally in common CV Bank commonly created by all over Turkey. The inappropriate candidates for current positions are re-assessed for next open positions in the future.