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About MNG Kargo


MNG Kargo Domestic and International Transportation Inc.

Established in 2003, MNG Kargo has more than 800 branches, 25 transfer centers in total out of which 7 are Technological Transfer Centers, 14 are regional directorates, close to 10.000 employees, 6500 of which are in-house and 3500 are in agencies and delivers service with 3000 vehicles. MNG Kargo is one of the leading cargo companies in Turkey delivering consignments to 700.000 addresses per day with world class service standards from one end of the country to the other and 220 different countries around the world.

MNG Kargo, which is the first cargo transportation company in the sector with technological transfer centers, provides undamaged delivery by sorting 65 thousand consignments per hour correctly at high speed and loading them onto route vehicles without being touched by human hands.

Since the year 2000 Corporate investors leading with the Sancak Family and Haydar Sancak and Suat Sancak in particular in line with Turkven consultancy which has generated more than 5 billion dollars in investments made in Turkey have procured MNG Kargo in 2017.

MNG Kargo playing a key role in the development of the freight transport industry in Turkey by serving our country with world-class contemporary dynamics continues to invest in technology with its reinforced capital structure.