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Postal Services Law

Dear Customer, Opening era with innovations, MNG Kargo which is play a key role in the development of the cargo industry, continues to offer cargo services In the standard it deserves to Turkey with Investment in technology and equipment, high experience, speed, creating confidence in the quality of human resources and advanced to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and by providing world-class service concept in contemporary dynamics of the transport sector in our country.

Cargo and international express air freight companies, is defined as the Postal Service Providers under the relevant legislation with May 2013 Postal Services Act No. 6475 came into force and the regulations published in June 2014. Postal Service Providers must pay services will be 2% of net sales due to the provision of administrative services in the 0.35% to the Universal Service Fund to the Agency of Information Technologies and Communications.

MNG Kargo Domestic and International Transportation Co. has received the license, legally mandated Postal Service Provider in November 2014 and has become liable to pay the amount to the official institutions in the above rates. Therefore, as determined by the Postal Services Act No. 6475 and the relevant regulations, the total amount at the rate of 2.35% will be reflected in your shipping price will be send from the date of February 16, 2015.

MNG Kargo Domestic and International Transportation Co. are happy to offer you our services domestic and international transportation needs as superior in quality.

Thank you for choosing MNG Kargo send in your domestic and abroad.

With best regards.

MNG Kargo Domestic and International Transportation Co.

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