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Training and Career


Training Activities

MNG Kargo Domestic and International Transportation Co. puts its goals forward towards becoming the world leader in its sector through the importance it gives on education. The Company provides pre-service and in-service training activities for offering and standardizing the same quality of service in all its units, and for the realization of the objectives.

The training activities have strategic importance in MNG Kargo. Our company is conscious that the concept of sustainable quality service is possible with progressing and learning. The Company aims to support the professional and personal development of its employees, increase the motivation of them and improve the effectiveness by ensuring job satisfaction through the training program, which has been created with the principle of lifelong learning.

MNG Kargo, who follows technological developments and incorporates innovations to the business life by adapting them to the sector, believes in the efficiency of skilled labor force and gives great importance to training activities in order to cultivate qualified labor force with the principle of respect for human. Professional instructors, who carry out the training activities through their expertise and share past experiences of their business life, provide a significant contribution to the establishment of training solutions compatible with dynamics of the cargo sector.

All training activities are carried out in MNG Kargo Academy in order to establish standards in the Company’s improvement programs, to evaluate the training activities, to take necessary precautions by assessing the lack of knowledge and improvements of our employees and to ensure measurability. The opportunity to access to the information they need during the service process is presented to our employees via the contemporary, easy-to-learn and memorable training contents of MNG Kargo Academy.

Our recruitment team members are included in the pre-service program to learn the theoretical and practical knowledge requirements of their job definitions in the training branch offices. The staff completed the pre-service training successfully fulfills their task as being equipped with professional knowledge and competency, recognizing the company’s culture and service, and having knowledge about expectations.

Our employees improve their professional knowledge, and gain experiences regarding the methods to be successful both in business life and private life through in-service trainings.


Obtaining instant successes in rapidly developing logistic and cargo freight, MNG Kargo chooses its managers within the company. MNG Kargo offers opportunities to the employees via the training and career planning studies it has conducted within the company. So, each of our employees who improves himself/herself constantly, focused on business objectives and involved in every activity results in success has the chance of being a manager and advance in his/her career.

We have employees with graduate degree who starts as courier and then promoted as branch manager and still working in one of the administrative positions in regional directorates. You shape your own career in MNG Kargo.